北京瑞思康食品技术有限责任公司 [百度一下]
公司地址:北京市 建国门内大街18号恒基中心办公楼一座1201室
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Rascom Food Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. It has been specialized in the technology development and complete package machinery fabrication in the areas of starches and its derivatives, protein recovery, potato specialties, snack foods, fruit and vegetables, rice and flour products, etc. Our Business Philosophy is to create value for customers. Our development policy is to do our best to provide customers with total solutions, including project planning, technical service, mechanical and electronic equipment supply, product marketing and project financing, etc., which ensures greater business success to our customers.

With many years ' experience in processing agricultural and food products and business concept of “Integrity, practicality, high efficiency and innovation”, we are willing to provide first class service for our valued customers.
We cooperate closely with top experts in Europe and bring their most advanced process technology and machinery manufacturing technology to China. Together with the advantage of relatively low human resource, we can provide the customers in all over the world with better products and services at lower costs. We have a professional mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing plant, so higher quality of the products can be ensured.
We can supply following products and services:
- 项目投资可行性分析;
- Feasibility analysis of project investment
- 项目工程设计;
- Project engineering
- 完整生产线及关键单机制造;
- Complete production line and key equipment manufacturing
- 生产线电控及自动化系统集成;
- Electrical control and automation system of production line
- 项目安装与调试指导;
- Supervision for installation and commissioning
- 项目人员培训;
- Training project personnel
- 旧厂工程及机电设备现代化改造;
- Automation improvements for old plants as well as equipment

Advances of process technology and equipment
- 更高的性价比;
- Better performance at lower cost
- 更高的产品质量;
- Better product quality
- 更高的产品提取率;
- Higher yield ratio of the products
- 更高的自动化控制水平;
- High automatic control technology
- 更低的能耗和水耗
- Lower power and water consumption


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